Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Mexico in B&W

Wow, some photos that I've been trying to get up online for ever, and now finally with this new slideshow ability, I can do it the way I want to. These are actually from last July when I took a week off to hang out with my mom, dad, sister and her son Dylan. It was an amazing week of hiking and hanging with the whole family. Most of these are of these are of the little guy, of course, mostly because he's not so little anymore.

People often ask me about equipment I use (in fact, it was one of the things my class and professor suggested I talk about when I was encouraged(required) to add words to this blog): A lot of the pictures on this blog over the last few months have been taken with whatever I could get my hands on at the time - everything from a 5D to F3, MarkII to YashicaD. The above photos were taken with a Leica, 35mm lens on film that I bought from a friend out of a sort of grab-bag - a lot of it looks like TriX and I think there's some fuji (looks a little less contrasty).

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