Monday, April 28, 2008

Inside El Salvador

Image Memory and the Paradox of Peace

In case you missed the opening and the conference last week, you luckily can still go see the images at the Harry Ransom Center right now. The exhibition is in two main parts, the first images from the war in El Salvador beginning in 1979, the second part an exhibition of Donna DeCesare's images depicting the lasting effects of those wars in the US and Latin America up until the present. THESE IMAGES WILL BLOW YOU AWAY. I'm not kidding. A lot of this work was what got me interested in photography in the first place - photography with a purpose.

The photo above = Carlos Consalvi, Harry Mattison, Susan Meiselas, Donna DeCesare, David Coleman, Eli Reed. How many of my heroes can be in one photo! But seriously, it's amazing to meet photojournalists you admire for their photography and then find out they're great people too boot! I feel very lucky.

And lastly, a new addition to the blog - slideshow feature! Let me know how this works for you. I'm still trying to work the bugs out, so let me know if anything's funky or it just straight doesn't work.

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Rebecca Davis said...

looks awesome mark!