Wednesday, January 30, 2008

the man

Slightly more recent

some weird, accidental 2x exposure


Sklar was taking pictures on some weird camera that split the 35mm frame into 2. The sun was going down right behind him between all of the buildings.

On a roof upon arriving in Williamsburg.

Dirt Track

More Spring 2006, I believe. Forgotten frames from an excursion to Killeen with Sloan where he was making a documentary video on a young dirt track racer. I had forgotten I'd even taken the Holga with me. I remember Sloan let me borrow his F100 to shoot. I don't actually even know where the 35mm negs are ... I didn'know the 120s even existed though until a couple days ago.

On Photography

One of those things I invariably found in some of the long lost film were some long lost self portraits. Upon reading an essay in Susan Sontag's "On Photography" (you can see the book actually in the frame). I was for some reason inspired to write some ridiculous text on the first piece of material I could find (a fexEx envelope) and to proceed to take pictures of myself in the bathroom with a NikonF3 and 24mm. I had some point I was trying to prove or disprove or who knows what, but it's long forgotten by now!

You can see on the contact sheet, that at one point I even held a container of salt in front of myself. I don't know what point I intended, but the point that I think I made is that: I am no artist.

Shamrock, TX

So, in the Spring of 2006 I drove up to Shamrock, TX on the weekend of St. Patrick's Day to check out their annual Growin' A Beard Contest. Well, things didn't go exactly as planned. I didn't take many pictures at all, and I came home rather defeated. Until the other day, I'd never seen what came of the film I shot. Well, it turned up in a bag. Here are a few random frames:

These were all just cutouts from the scan of my contact sheet, so please excuse the dustiness and lack of quality

Procrastination and a bag of unprocessed film

I once again have a darkroom to use, so I've been scrounging up old film from the past year and beginning to process it finally. These photos are from Rob's quick visit in May. They provide the flip-side of Rob's portrait of myself and my landlady in Virginia, Jackie: linked here

These are a couple strips of contact sheets. I'd sent them to Rob to look at earlier in the week, so I had them sitting around to be shared.

I'm hoping that Rob uses one of the frames for the bio on his new website