Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mount Sinai

I arrived in Egypt late last Wednesday night/early Thursday morning and spent a couple of days working with Annie on a video for her church here. After two days in the office editing video, we traveled out to the Sinai Peninsula with friends Ashley and Sarah to climb Mount Sinai. It was an amazing and somewhat exhausting trip: we left on Saturday afternoon on a 6 or so hour mini-bus ride, arriving at a Bedouin-run camp where we ate dinner and tried to sleep for a couple of hours before leaving the camp at 3 am to make the climb up Mount Sinai to catch sunrise. Walking up the mountain by moonlight is an experience I will never forget. It is truly raw and beautiful land. Here are just a few photos from the trip and along the way. Oh, and I'm using Annie's 5D which is absolutely fantastic. She borrowed a 50/1.8 from a friend for me to use, so it hasn't come off of the camera yet.
Shooting out of the windows on the drive:

Stopping for gas:

Meeting the groups of tourists that flock to the mountain each morning:
On top of the mountain:

There was even a group of a lay folks, priests and nuns that looked Russian Orthodox celebrating mass on top of the mountain:

Oh, and of course, there were camels:

And there were of course postcards for Annie to buy. First person who wants to leave their address in the comments section of this post gets to find out what one of those postcards looks like.