Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A video

A very Super 8 Wedding from Mark Mulligan on Vimeo.

Photographed in Super 8
by Joey Castillo and Callie Richmond

composed by Dan Bui and performed by The Groomsmen

Thanks to all of the amazing people we know who just happen to be great friends, family, photographers, musicians, cooks, fireworker shooter-offers, and everything else who made this all happen.

Photographers' websites:
Joe Buglewicz -
Joey Castillo -
Courtney Dudley -
Jordan Gomez -
Meridith Kohut -
Callie Richmond -
Megan Shelby -
Rob Strong -
Ben Sklar -


McKenna said...

Very nicely done. That was awesome!

The Spergler said...

Hey Mully, congratulations. Nice video. Thanks for sharing it.

Kat said...

You guys are precious! Love it.

Stephanie said...

That was amazing! I got all teary eyed! Congrats again.