Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Another Video

I made this video last Wednesday during the first day of the state basketball championships to try out the Herald's new camera. I shot two games in the morning and then edited for a couple hours at the Tacoma Dome and uploaded. It was a good little project to see if I could get it all done in a pretty tight amount of time, on my laptop, on site.

My original intent was to shoot as much as I could with a four hundred. I wanted to shoot a bunch of details, do some stuff in a way people had never seen. Tight shots of eyes, hands, faces, sweat, all that good detail stuff shot nice and cinematically, BUT that required a tripod which the people running the tournament WOULDN'T LET ME USE! I was a little mad/letdown/disappointed/mad at first, but I had to get over it and just shoot. So it is what it is.

Thanks to the Lake Stevens band for the tunes (recorded in the stands before the first game).

You should be able to watch in HD.


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Your pictures are amazing. I love the color and the way you capture the moment and feeling. Nice!

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