Monday, December 22, 2008

"Make Magnum your home page and learn everyday from the top of the profession. Remember you are never there, so don’t get a chip on your shoulder. Remember there always is another level and keep working towards getting to that level. Always respect the subjects you are photographing and remember it is not about you! Always be humble, there is a photo God! Never stage a photo. Never plagiarize. Arrive early and stay late. You have to wake up every morning and want to take a great picture. Don’t ever get drunk before a big shoot…which could be tomorrow…work on developing a unique eye because this is the single most important thing that will set you aside from the rest. If you do all the above you have a 1% chance in making a name for yourself in what truly is the most amazing profession of all! Good luck!"

- Tim Clayton, Sydney Morning Herald
from an interview found here

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