Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Flying Toasters

Remember that screen saver? This picture reminded me of that for some reason.

So, yeah, I spent Thanksgiving morning hunting for geese hunters. I realized that hunting for geese (or most of anything) is a lot like photography; lots of waiting and the true pleasure comes in that waiting and enjoying being in the present, not worrying so much about the outcome (of course, I should probably worry about the outcome a little more sometimes). Yeah, so I could totally be down with hunting, well, except for the killing part, which I hear is intergral, so maybe I'll just stick with photography.


Jenn said...

Freakin Mark Mulligan....these are such amazing pictures!! I love love love looking at them!!! I miss you and Annie terribly!! But i know y'all are doing well in rainy Seattle!!! Umm...i'm totally counting on you to get some pictures of mo and kelly's wedding up as soon as you can...b/c if i rely on nina...well..ya know!!! Anyway...ttyl!!!


Joey Castillo said...

Dunno why this is the comment I feel I must leave, but: I was just Googling the flying toasters screen saver a couple of days ago. and for the life of me I can't remember why.