Sunday, July 27, 2008

Last Halloween

Random, right? I know. From last Halloween, back in Virginia, smoke-break outside of the office. That's Steve. I've been sitting here running photoshop actions, trying to update the photos section on the AUDS website, but I seemed to have forgotten the password and login. I know I have it at home somewhere, but I still have an hour and a half left before the library closes, plus a red-eye in me I just drank, so I find myself cruising through my harddrive, finding little surprises, random drifters from strips of film and floating folders. I think this is a walmart film scan at its finest - grainy with a wacky color cast and small enough file-size to not be able to do anything about it. All's well though - it's raining outside, but it's a bayou-party in my head thanks to Clifton Chenier and Bogalusa Boogie. Watching Buddy Guy the other night and posting the picture below, I almost made the statement that Junior Wells' album Hoodoo Man Blues was the greatest album of all-time - a bold statement, I know, but I decided against it. Now I think I want to give that declaration to Bogalusa Boogie - this album was recorded in the studio, but LIVE in the studio - this is what these guys SOUNDED LIKE on STAGE playing dances. That's sort of mind-boggling to me, that they sounded this good. Everyone should get it and listen to it, for no other reason even than to listen to Clifton's brother Cleveland play the rubboard - it's freaking amazing. Get some headphones.


mark said...

I'm starting to think I've already posted this picture sometime in the past. Am I wrong? I don't know. I tried to go find it, but didn't see it. Any takers?

suzanne said...

Mark! I have to tell you that I love Hoodoo Man Blues. I'll have to go listen to Boglusa Boogie. Hope your life is full-throttle and grand out in the great NW. Lots of love from back in good ol' Tejas!