Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bicycle Shop

I'm in the middle of editing a whole load of photos from Egypt, trying to get caught up and do some work that I owe the AUDS guys back in Cairo. Right now I sit in the reference section of the Everett Public Library, listening to Bill Evans play with Stan Getz on my headphones, and just generally let memories flood back into place from long walks through the "real" Cairo with Zee last month. The photo above is a quick portrait I snapped of a family who saw me walking by one day with Zee. The father and son were outside working on a couple bikes, and they asked me to take a picture, so we gathered the family and made just two frames. I had Zee translate for me and tell them I'd bring them a print in a couple days - imagine their surprise when I actually did! It definitely earned me a friendly "Salaam" whenever I walked by from then on. It's funny how in these digital days how seldom I give prints to folks - I'm trying to change that habit as much as possible - sort of a mid-year's resolution. Anyway, back to the editing board.

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Eli Meir Kaplan said...

This one looks like it could be a film still. I like the composition.