Saturday, September 10, 2011

Clips (the paper kind)

Wanted to share a few pages from the paper from the past month. You know, with all the debate about print disappearing, it's easy to forget how great it is to see pictures on a page. Of course, you've got to have great designers and writers on board, but once they are, picking up an actual paper is pretty great.

Here's a Sunday story about the changing nature of the forest service here in Snohomish County:

This is a front page from a day that included the fall football preview and a some fair coverage.


Jeffrey McWhorter said...

These are beautiful. You have always been probably my favorite photographer of all my contemporaries. Your pictures just tell stories and you never seem to waste a frame. Although I feel somewhat hypocritical saying it, since I do not subscribe to a real newspaper, it does make me very sad to see them going away. Two of the longest tenured Dallas Morning News photographers were just laid off. I am so glad you are still doing this great work. Keep it up.

Matthew Williams said...

Awesome shots man! Keep up the good work!