Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I'm going to make a concerted effort to get caught up and back in the blogging groove.
To start, a quick video that I put together from a CLO (cut lines only) photo for the local section of the paper. The event was described as a "media opportunity" to preview a motocross event, but I happened to be the only media member to show up, and the organizers hadn't even quite finished the track yet.
A rider did show up though, and he was just such a darn nice guy, so I decided to make a little video from the stills and a little audio I collected as we sat in the back of his pickup truck while he put his riding gear on.

I'm starting to develop a little theory about video at newspapers. It's really sort of an all or nothing deal. You either go all out and make a real-deal documentary type piece, or you make something quick and/or throw up some raw footage. I don't think it's worth it to waste time creating something that folks would or could otherwise see on television. The video below is an example of something real quick that I didn't have to take too much away from doing my real job which was getting a photo for the paper (above). Any thoughts?


Rob Strong said...

I endorse it 100%. Have you seen the Alec Soth videos on the New York Times website? Very low sort of traditional production values (no sound editing to speak of, no b-roll or interview or anything), but totally satisfying, to me at any rate.

Just hearing the guy's voice adds so much.

Anonymous said...

Cool? Loved it! I'm going to share with Kyle and his girlfriends family because they are all into motocross!