Thursday, September 17, 2009

too long

I told myself a week ago that I'd try and catch up on the blog by updating at least once a day while Annie was away in Texas. Instead I've found myself, well, not doing so. Instead, I've kept fairly busy at work catching up on some older work, a small part of which is seen above (a part that probably won't get used), and also busy with plenty of daily work.


Eli Meir Kaplan said...

Nice one Mully.

Recluse said...


So at was at the law school today and I ran into a friend of mine, Joey Delgado, who went to high school with me. We were talking about how badass the Daily Texan photogs are/were and I was like, "Yeah, I know a ton of those people." And he was like, "Do you know Annie Snodgrass?" and I was like, "Yeah! I'm going to her wedding in October" and he was all like, "Me too!"

It was badass.


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