Saturday, May 02, 2009

Did you know ...

That today is Astronomy Day?! Article here It was 400 years ago that Galileo made the first telescope, or so the good people at the Everett Astronomy Association tell me. I ran out last night to grab something for the paper today. The fact that the sun hadn't set before deadline last night forced me to really work getting one thing. It never actually lined up like I wanted.

I went back at 11 pm with Annie and our neighbor, Kim, to check out the stars for fun. Made me really miss my little, rural home in Virginia where I could walk by starlight and the moon cast long shadows across my room. I'm going to make a point to go outside more and, well, just look up.

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Blar Sken said...

i like this photo. maybe you envisioned something better, but i dont know what that would have been.