Monday, March 02, 2009

for Drew

Whom I promised to show these to long ago, after I saw these (I think we were both shooting this stuff on the same weekend), but am just now getting around to it. I'm also trying out the photoshelter embeded galleries. I'm curious to see if this works, and what I think about the color and saturation. They seem to load up sort of slow, at least for me. Please tell me what you think.


drew said...

shityeasweet!!!!!!! the lipstick moment is great, so is 14 (scream and shout) followed by the 15/17/18 graphix are awesomeness...i like how you edited that down to shot 16 (cheer looking up) for your previous post...isn't it weird how we edit down to one photo from an assignment when we really have bunches that speak up...yeaYeaYEAH blog it up!!!!!!! (that was 7 excited marks)

Andy B said...

I think you should do project on the faces people make when they are focused on other things. If nothing else, it might provide you with good blackmail material.