Sunday, February 22, 2009

WAKE(ing) UP!

I just realized that's a rather misleading title for this post as this is a sunset, not a sunrise. What I meant by waking up is to 'wake up' my senses to what is right behind me at any given moment.
These photos were taken during a very specific assignment to shoot the above sign to fit in a tiny one inch box as part of a larger package for Presidents' Day. Just go take a picture of the sign. Make it a square.
What began as an example of the worst part of the job quickly turned into an example of what's best about it. The fact that I get to go out into this world with a camera everyday. There are no limits except those I put on myself. All I had to do was turn around, look past the droll, and see the sunset, the cows, perhaps a cliche, but a warming, beautiful moment, at least for me personally, all the same.
I often think of this blog as more of a visual diary than anything else. It's full of pictures like these which will never have a life beyond this page, but serve as a reminder to me of where I was or how I felt.
This day was one of the first in months where I felt the sun break through the clouds and the fog and the rain. I'm ready to shake off my winter coat.