Monday, March 31, 2008

Nitsanne & Eddie

A couple of my favorites, photographed at TC's Lounge last Wednesday night.

It was the last regular Wednesday night show for the band Fly Jack who'd become real favorites of Eddie and all those folks in the Wonderful Organization. Fly Jack is a seriously funky band. 4 piece horn section, funky drummer who sings like Stevie Wonder, sick guitarist, 6-string fingerstyle electric bass, and keys that keep your booty shaking.

The Wednesday night's at TC's sort of took over from the Monday nights we used to spend there listening and dancing to the Little Elmore Reed Blues Band while consuming copious amounts of cheap Lone Star and High Life (which I swear somehow tastes better there than anywhere else). Interestingly enough, I just found that the video featured on the groups myspace page has several folks featured dancing in the background that many of you will recognize. I saw Sid, Rachel Sibley and The Boss all dancing away in the video. Good times, good times.

Anyway, the days of Fly Jack at TC's are over, but you can catch them Monday nights over at Antone's from now on. Although, that would mean you miss out on the blues over at TCs ...

A nice little side note though that ties into Eddie's presence at TC's: In this Statesman review, they mention a certain star of such hits as Point Break and Speed having visited the bar in the past. How amazing is that?


heavyweather said...

Holy shit Mark, that's hilarious. I heartily approve.

Tessa said...

ohhh, just a little sting of the homesickness there. TC's was always one of my favorite places on earth.