Wednesday, August 01, 2007

more updates on the way

I've got a ton to catch up on right now. A lot of film to process from the last month, so if you've got tanks, reels or d76 sitting around gathering dust, let me know! This is a frame from Saturday after spending the morning with a local youth group working on a volunteer farm that benefits the Blue Ridge Food Bank. Afterwards, the group went to get some burgers where, afterward, one of the dads engaged in some typical dad goofing around - pretending he didn't know how to open the door.

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erin*carly said...

i don't have any d76, but i do have a two-reel tank (with reels) if you want to borrow it . . . bought it at a garage sale a few years back for $5 . . . it's this one:

Paterson Super System 4

just let me know!