Monday, May 21, 2007

Photo by Rob Strong

Rob stopped by on his way towards Nashville last night and made this portrait of me and my landlady Jackie on the back porch with his Tachihara 4by5 Field Camera. I've gotta say, there's something downright mystical about standing for a 2-second exposure, counted outloud, with a cable-release ... oh, and wearing funny hats. I also realized that polaroid is by far much cooler than digital, as you not only get the instant gratification, but also the satisfying smell and warmth of genuine chemical development. Can't wait to see the b&w negs though. Good luck on the rest of the journey, Rob!


Leslie said...

Greetings. I was just poking by to see what pics you'd taken I am an avid photo lover...and rookie photographer, I must say that portrait of you and the landlady is amazing. Fabulous! Just thought I'd let you know. Keep up the great photos.

Melisa said...

Is that a Memorial Lacrosse tee under your jacket?

Blar Sken said...

dig the dig