Saturday, April 07, 2007

FINALLY saved enough

to actually get a lens. Seriously, A LOT of oatmeal-eating went in to getting this puppy, so I'm not gonna be shy about taking my picture with her and showing her off a little bit. She's sort of, well, I don't how to say this, we've only really been together a few days, but yeah, we're soulmates and we're gonna be together forever.
The first roll was some Fuji 200 color neg I found in the office, so I b&w'd this one because the color was so nasty. Bach became the first human I photographed (aside from the one (I promise I only made one) of myself) mainly because he was the first person I saw upon getting the lens. Here he was telling me about what it's like to work in a crazy, deadline-driven, software-engineering world.
But I shot my first roll today, and started scanning it in order, so more to come in the coming days of the first roll.

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