Monday, September 25, 2006

The Hills are Alive

Sloan and I just returned from a 10 or so day trek through the Langtang Valley of northern central Nepal, taking us up to about 8 miles from Tibet. Of course, the natural border of the Himalayas keeps even the most adventurous of climbers from entering the occupied country, and the Chinese seek to discourage and capitalize on tourists by charging ridiculous visa rates for just a 21 day stint in Tibet. Most of the people of the Langtang valley are the children or grandchildren of Tibetan refuges driven from their country by the chinese in the late 50s. This only increases the vibrance of the mountain people, farmers, yak herders and interent lodge owners, guides and porters. Here are a few snappy snaps from when it wasn't snowing and my camera battery wasn't shoved deep into my pockets to keep it warm. The trip culminated in a 17,500 foot mountain pass called Ganja La amidst snow, ice and giangantic boulders from frequent rockslides ... definitly the greatest trekking experience so far in my life ... sorry Rocky Mountains, you just don't get so high.

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Joe Buglewicz - Photojournalist said...

the blip is on the map! seems like everyone has a different idea as to where your globetrotting has taken you guys...but might I say...DAMN! don't be strangers...much love.