Monday, September 25, 2006

The Hills are Alive

Sloan and I just returned from a 10 or so day trek through the Langtang Valley of northern central Nepal, taking us up to about 8 miles from Tibet. Of course, the natural border of the Himalayas keeps even the most adventurous of climbers from entering the occupied country, and the Chinese seek to discourage and capitalize on tourists by charging ridiculous visa rates for just a 21 day stint in Tibet. Most of the people of the Langtang valley are the children or grandchildren of Tibetan refuges driven from their country by the chinese in the late 50s. This only increases the vibrance of the mountain people, farmers, yak herders and interent lodge owners, guides and porters. Here are a few snappy snaps from when it wasn't snowing and my camera battery wasn't shoved deep into my pockets to keep it warm. The trip culminated in a 17,500 foot mountain pass called Ganja La amidst snow, ice and giangantic boulders from frequent rockslides ... definitly the greatest trekking experience so far in my life ... sorry Rocky Mountains, you just don't get so high.

First night in Kathmandu

The first night I arrived in Kathmandu, it was the last night of a festival honoring Kumari, a nine-year-old living goddess that lives in a building in the center of town and never touches the ground until she eventually menstrates, losing her goddesssness and becoming a regular human being again. Thousands turn out to see her appear in the town's Durber Square where she is pulled by volunteers back and forth in a giant cart. Kathmandu, the sub-continent, a beating heart...

Bangkok to Bangladesh

It's been awhile once again, so I have a hefty update. I missed the coup in Thailand, instead I was trudging up and over the Himalayas sleeping in Yak huts and such. Photo has taken a temporary backseat honestly while I see and experience some things, but the camera's come out a few times as I've wondered around, so I'll try and give you a little slice of what I've been seeing.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Partied Out

Winedalers Return

A couple photos from the Winedaler's triumphant return to Austin and subsequesnt performance of Two Gents at Central Market.


A couple weeks ago I drove up to Maine with Maisie where she was moving for the semester to do some black and white documentary work. We got stuck in Memphis with a broke down car for a couple days, so what do you do in Memphis? You go to Graceland, Graceland, Memphis Tennessee, I'm going to Graceland ...

The Boys

Ok, well, I'm trying to get back on to the blogging thing now that I'm travelling. I'm sitting in Taipei waiting for a flight to Bangkok where I'll stay for a few days before going to Nepal I think. All this airport time's left a chance to edit some photos that've been sitting around for too long, so there should be a string of updates in the next few days, probably in not too precise of chronological order.